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Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can transcend the purely physical cause that set it in motion and turn into a crisis that envelopes the entire person. Learn more about how to manage it without letting it manage you.

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Brain & Pain

The brain is a very dynamic organ and can play an important role in managing health. Protecting your most valuable resource—your brain— is an important part of a winning pain management plan.

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Lifestyle & Habits

Becoming healthier is a key to helping manage pain.Carefully decide how you spend your time each day and what habits you cultivate. Learn more about the key traits of highly successful chronic pain sufferers.

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We see ourselves as machines: If a part is broken, we fix it. Chronic pain doesn't follow this recipe. Standard medical treatments can certainly help, but if you are not careful, they can also stand in the way of progress.

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Use Your Attitude To Raise Your Latitude

I often hear my pain patients express regret about treatments they chose in the past (“I should have never had that surgery”) or remorse for the unhealthy lifestyle choices they’ve made, like smoking, avoiding exercise, or eating junk food. And sure, the treatment and lifestyle choices you made in the past do play a big part in determining your health – but so does the attitude you choose to have today. Your attitude can greatly impact how you respond to treatment, the way you are treated by others, and basically, whether or not you feel happy and fulfilled at the end of the day.

I see firsthand what differentiates successful patients from those who continue to struggle and suffer, and the one attitude or state of mind that always seems to correlate with positive outcomes is that of gratitude. That special quality of feeling grateful or thankful toward others or about life as a whole seems to carry with it unique healing powers. In fact, gratitude has been associated with a longer life, a better mood, and even a better immune system. In my clinic, those who smile the brightest are the ones who are the most grateful for what is positive in their lives despite their very challenging medical problems.

My patient Joe is a notable example of the power of gratitude and a positive attitude. He injured his neck while doing heavy-duty electrical work. By the time I first met Joe, he already had gone through neck surgery but unfortunately was not doing well, and to make matters worse he was fast approaching the deadline with his job. He would lose it if he did not return to full duty, and his job was very physical.

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Featured Experts

  • Sue Hitzmann

    Creator of the MELT Method®

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  • Carla Hernandez

    Nutritional Therapist at Wise Roots Nutrition

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  • Beth Darnall

    Clinical Associate Professor in the Division of Pain Medicine at Stanford University

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  • Dr. Peter Abaci

    Bay Area Pain and Wellness Center: A Prospira Center of Excellence

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